Its been a mere three years since Chris Elliott, the face behind Nom De Strip, started releasing his unique blend of electro, techno, and disco music for the world to hear. Nom De Strip has been garnering much attention lately, in part because of the consistent bangers that come out of his studio, and also due to his great fit in at Deadmau5‘s own Mau5trap record label.

The first track off the EP, “Clouds”, is a groovy tech house production with rhythmic bass lines and atmospheric synth pads flowing to the beat . Due to the progressive/tech house nature of “Clouds”, I don’t really feel like the track encompasses the most hype and energy as the other two tracks on the EP, although it shows off the stunning harmonic melodies that Elliott has continued to master over the years.

Nom De Strip – Clouds



Counting Sheep” was hands down my favorite track off the EP. The blissful melody beneath such an energetic and throbbing buildup will have you going crazy before even getting to the heart of the song. The energy didn’t subside at all throughout the track, with booming bass lines and cutting synths grooving to the end.

Nom De Strip – Counting Sheep



And last but certainly not least, “Pulse”, is a scorching electro track filled with infectious, stabbing synths on top of an addictive drum beat. I was blown away by the energy in this track, and can safely say it’s going to have crowds going wild at all the upcoming festivals this spring break and summer!

Nom De Strip – Pulse



Mau5trap has been known for its releases within the progressive house spectrum, which can be expected coming out of Deadmau5’s own record label. Nom De Strip has done a very impressive job adding a powerful electro house face to the label with his Clouds EP: Vol. 1. I am eager to hear what comes next from Nom De Strip, and as always head over to Beatport to grab your own copy of the EP Here!