Although it did get quite a bit of play, Tommy Trash‘s single Monkey See Monkey Do didn’t get as much attention as some of his other hits when compared to Cascade or his Ladi Dadi remix. That will probably change now though, as the track is getting a fresh edit from the trashman himself and a re-release on mau5trap with a big package of remixes. Trash’s remix keeps the original largely intact but switches out the drop for a much heavier electro drop which I have to say I prefer to the original. Tom Staar provides an absolutely fantastic progressive/tech effort that is brimming with an amazing house groove. Nom De Strip comes in hard with a funky techno rendition that reminds me of D.I.M.‘s classic song Kleine Traume. Rounding out the pack is Zero Hero with a great complextro rework. It’s not often the case with remix packages like this I have a hard time picking a favorite but for this one I really am, every one of these would get me up and dancing quickly. Check back March 4 for the full release on mau5trap.

-DD @fingerscrossedd