After two decades of non-stop touring, headlining festivals, and even producing anthems, from Trance to Progressive House, Tiesto has yet another new endeavor up his sleeve.

His latest venture has led him surprisingly away from his ten year stay in Ibiza to form a long-term residency in Las Vegas. This is nothing new, as many artists form these residencies with clubs all around the world. However, Las Vegas appears to be the hub for these type of partnerships, with hotels like the Wynn locking up big names like Diplo, Porter Robinson, Avicii etc. Amongst all these DJ’s coming here, none seem to be as committed towards this stay as Tiesto.

He’s formed a twenty-month deal with MGM, which includes him playing 20 plus shows at the Wet Republic outdoor pool. Even more, he’s promising over 40 gigs at the brand new Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant and Nightclub, Vegas’ latest five-level venue that houses more than 7,000 people! When talking to Rolling Stone, he describes his reasoning as: “It’s the right time to do it. I do everything on my gut feeling, and I felt like it’s gonna be awesome there. I’ve been to Ibiza for 10 years, and I love Ibiza, but I always look for something new and a new challenge.”

Another cool feature is that Tiesto intends on giving his crowd a different show every week in effort to make each night an experience. To achieve this, along with a completely new set each week, he will be showcasing some of the freshest talent to give them an opportunity to prove their talent in front of thousands of people.

Overall, this 20 month residency, beginning in April, gives Tiesto a chance to “slow down” and find more studio time. He sums it up as, “I can be more in the studio with artists instead of just bouncing tracks back and forth, and really produce other people’s albums and songs. So that’s going to be the biggest change. It doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not – I just want to meet other creative people who can maybe bring something different to the studio than what I have. I think that’s the most important thing for me.”

Make sure you find your way to Las Vegas this spring/summer to catch Tiesto and see for yourself why he’s the world’s top DJ.