It’s been less than two weeks since Vicetone, one of the fastest rising progressive house duos in the game today, generously released their killer remix of “Weapon” by Cazzette for a free download. They are showing no signs of slowing down with their brand new release on Monstercat Records, titled “Heartbeat.

I have become truly hooked to the smooth and uplifting melodies of Vicetone, and the emotive, trance-like feel of “Heartbeat” has only fueled my addiction even more! The synths in this beautiful track were as powerful and euphoric as those in an Above and Beyond tune, which is definitely a different kind of sound Vicetone chose to explore this time around. And above all, I couldn’t imagine a better voice to complement the rich, energetic progressive sounds of Vicetone, than the voice of Collin McLoughlin. This brilliant singer and songwriter has been quickly making a name for himself with incredibly talented covers for some of the biggest artists in the electronic music industry today. The catchy lyrics and infectious voice of Collin McLoughlin are surely going to take this progressive house anthem nowhere but up!

Although Vicetone has gained a lot of popularity with their thrilling, melodic house remixes of various artists in the electronic scene, it was a very nice change of pace hearing such a magnificent original of their own this time around. Don’t forget to grab your own copy of “Heartbeat”, available at Beatport here on Monstercat Records!

Vicetone feat. Collin McLoughlin – Heartbeat