Ever since Heartbreak dropped it in his Valentine’s Day Massacre mix a few weeks ago, I have not been able to get this infectious beat out of my head. Both Mr. Vega and Heartbreak are among my favorite producers in the right now and with this collaboration they took it to the next level, creating one of the most spaced out, trippy beats I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. There has been too much thinking inside the box recently in dance music, but these two not only thought outside the box but re-invented it with Thai. I can confidently say I’ve never heard anything like it; the lead synth they use is what I would imagine an alien whale call to sound like and the rolling, speaker-shaking kicks just help to accentuate the wild feeling. To boot, they created a video to go with a song that does a good job at capturing it’s essence and how it makes me feel.

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-DD @fingerscrossedd