Welcome to You Might Have Missed, my weekly segment where I’ll be taking things back down memory lane and highlighting older songs that a lot of people either missed, forgot or overlooked. All of these tracks hold some type of special meaning to me, and I hope that you will find them enjoyable too. Let’s get started:

This one just popped back into my head a few days ago and I heard it again while listening to Sazon Booya‘s recent Mixify set, so it has been stuck in my head ever since. Out of nowhere I will just find myself humming the horn section, so be warned – this one may get stuck in your head for days. It’s worth it though because it’s one of my favorite moombahton tracks.

ETC!ETC! - Indian Flute 2011

This next one is an absolutely banging remix of the oldschool Timbaland song, Indian Flute. In 2013 ETC!ETC! has been largely focused on his trap productions, but back in 2011 he was all about the moombahton. He weaves the original track’s samples in perfectly here and creates a super danceable rework of this memorable classic.

Alvin Risk & Tittsworth - Pendejas

Finally, we have one of the most explosive moombahton bangers to ever hit the scene. This one was featured in just about every moombahton and bass music set for a while, and for good reason. Tittsworth and Alvin Risk took it to the next level with Pendejas, the percussion here is particularly excellent and the vocal sample just sets things off even further. Don’t be a pendeja, get your groove on to this one.

Until next week,

-DD @fingerscrossedd