In a very surprising move by Armada Recordings, they have decided to include Progressive House producer Dyro into the official remix package of Gabriel & Dresden‘s revisted single, Tracking Treasure Down. Gabriel & Dresden are no strangers to Progressive House, often using many tracks from that genre into their own sets. Additionally, Armada has certain sub-labels that forgo into Progressive House and even label boss Armin van Buuren himself has dabbled into the genre for his live shows. Dyro however, still stays on his game with his blistering and pounding blend of Electro and power basslines to spring new life into this classic track. Dyro reworks this essential Classic into a shattering rendition that is perfect for peak time moments at big festivals. The lyrics are kept in tact as a very energy packed drop awaits with that signature Dyro sound that have all come to learn and love.


This track has been supported by many of the major Trouse artists of today, such as Marcus Schossow, Ashley Wallbridge and Myon & Shane54. However, the question that will undoubtedly come into reader’s minds will be how this move will affect Armada Recordings. Armada has already made a switch into Trouse with artists such as Orjan Nilsen, Dash Berlin and Shogun while still supporting the more truer facets of Trance with artists such as Andy Moor and Protoculture. However, they have not let a Progressive House artist (other than Dannic in his remix of Must Be The Love) into the main label as far as my recent memory entails and by doing this, it opens up a gateway in which Progressive House producers can create their own renditions of true Trance pieces.

Dubstep producer Diplo said a great quote at the beginning of the year with his interview with Rolling Stone: “I think 2013 is going to be all about musical fusion; everybody coming together.” And I think it is this case especially with how this label will pan out. This year looks to be the year in which labels are more willing to bring talents that they would have otherwise shut out in years past. We have already seen Anjunabeats change from a pure trance label into their own, unique brand of Trance with the Club Mix of Black Room Boy almost sounding like a Progressive House track. And with Armin playing tracks like Showtek‘s Cannonball and Dada Life‘s Kick Out The Motherf*cker, it seems as though the coming future will entail more of these artists.

Now of course, many purists and most of the ‘old crowd’ (people who have been following Trance since pre-2008ish) will not like this bold move at all but we have to realize that at the end of the day, Armada is a company, and they need to stay profitable in order to stay relevant in today’s increasingly faster paced world of EDM. And if this means capturing the American market, which is neck deep in Progressive House, they are going to do their best to tap into that market. Armin has always said to not be trapped by your own style and his newest album called Intense is a testament to that. And it looks like it is going to pass on over to the releases that is to be made in Armada. So, like it or hate it, it looks like Progressive House will start to make its way into Trance even more this year, so just sit down, strap in and enjoy the ride.