Chicago-based duo Milk N Cookies are coming up strong, and I think this is the perfect track to get you all acquainted with them. I first found this duo, comprised of identical twins Paul and James, on accident. I was listening to the radio with friends and thought we heard the DJ say his name was Milk & Cookies, so I did a search on Soundcloud and although I didn’t find who I was looking for I did find these guys and was instantly turned on to their sound after hearing the track Heavyweights.

Since then I’ve followed their Facebook page and watched as they’ve become increasingly big players in Chicago’s scene and beyond. Today, they just put out what I feel is their best track to date and a track that will surely put them on the radar of many. Ghosts is a big room monster, with a unique melody as haunting as its name and a drop that would have felt right at home rocking the Ultra main stage last weekend. They are giving away the track as a free download, so head to their Facebook page to download this banger of a tune.


-DD @fingerscrossedd