A young producer out of Venice Beach, California, Larry Wilson, has launched his debut release of “Don’t Let Me Fall” on LOI (Lives of International). If you’re not familiar with it, LOI is a label devoted to discovering/promoting artists from every aspect of dance music, home to artists such as Gina Star.

Don’t Let Me Fall” isn’t your standard top 40 hit; its not riddled with thunderous bass drops or big-room sounds, but is a more contemporary, laid-back track that seems to bask you in warmth of the California sunshine. Its airy, four-chord melody immediately captures your attention and drives the song. As it progresses, the once-clear vocals become more and more distorted, seemingly floating underneath the soothing tide of the track. Overall, “Don’t Let Me Fall” is a solid debut for this new indie-dance artist and we look forward to his next release. Be sure to give it a listen below and grab a copy here!