Ever since hearing this track during W&W‘s set at Electric Zoo 2012, I have been dying to not only figure out the name, but also of its coveted release date. Finally, after 7 excruciating months of waiting, the release of Ummet Ozcan‘s Here & Now is finally released into the world. Ummet has artfully crafted many elements into this track, taking a substantial departure from tracks such as The Box and Reboot. The industry standard is that a Trance track has to be either pure Trance or pure Trouse, but Ummet instead fuses the gap between the two. In Here & Now, he combines both intrinsic, Big Room Trouse elements with classic Trance melodies and crafts them in a way that both mutually feed off of each other. However, the piece still has that trademark ‘deep’ sound that Ummet relishes in his tracks, which give it depth and clarity as opposed to lesser quality tracks. The complete combination of all three make Here & Now a powerhouse in a DJ’s arsenal and a deadly weapon to use on the dance floor.




Starting out with wicked sub-bass and artistic sound expressions, Ummet pulls up unique textures and uncommon percussion to give it that distinct sound. The breakdown is nothing short of an amazing testament on the explorations of timbre, as each sound is uniquely different with each measure. Whether it is pingy, or filtered, or Progressive or Big Room, each sound is discovered amidst vocal chopped timbres to give a unique edge to the piece. As the breakdown incorporates pure Trance elements, the buildup and drop pull into the Big Room sensibility. Utilizing a deadly drum and scratchy synths, the buildup pulls into a lethal drop where the first beat slams you with sub bass. The main synths pull in with surround-sound-like quality volume to give us an expansive drop that will explode on impact if dropped at the right time during a set. Ummet Ozcan‘s Here & Now is out now on Spinnin Records on Beatport, so get over there and nab this copy today, Trance fans!


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/here-and-now-original-mix/4248148