With the epic new release of the Twonk LP off Slow Roast Records, Brillz is absolutely serious about making a name for himself in the trap game. I’ve been hearing so many big tracks from the up and coming producer over the past couple months, many of them ending up released on this massive LP. Various collaborations with talented names such as Teddy Tuxedo, ETC!ETC!, Willy Joy, Minxx, Craze, and Cory Enemy only magnified the versatile and innovative sounds of the Twonk LP.

From one song to the next, the powerful bass lines and blood pumping trap beats will have you moving from start to finish! From the infectious lasers and grinds of Teddy Tuxedo in “Rvchet Bitch” to the moombahton driven track “Smashi Tup”, every track of this LP hit as hard as it gets. One of my personal favorites on the LP was “WTF”, the collaborated bomb with Willy Joy filled with an infectious beat and a nasty drop. And although it’s listed last, the one track that you can’t miss off this LP is “Déjà vu”, a chilled out trap original from Brillz himself with relaxing, atmospheric-sounding vocals; an unexpected yet amazing finale to the Twonk LP.

Brillz, accompanied by Kill the Noise, Codes, and Style of Eye, kick off the Black Magic Mystical Wonder Tour in a few days, and will be twonking around America and Canada until mid-May. I know I won’t be missing them when they come by my town, especially knowing that this LP is going to be a solid element of the tours music selection! As always, if you want to purchase the Twonk LP, head over to Beatport or Itunes.