dBerrie continues his rise through the house ranks with a brand new, explosive track off of Flamingo Recordings.  The New York-based DJ/producer has steadily been making a name for himself with releases off of labels like Harem Records, Atlantic Records, and Ultra.  Now the rising star comes to us with the all-new “Zenith,” a peak-time banger with some thick synth work and an absolutely infectious groove.  A high-powered bassline provides the backbone for the track, while tom hits and snare rolls give the groove a rhythmic feel.  dBerrie splices in rising leads and a fitting vocal sample to drive up the energy, and the final breakdown is a melodic treat that pauses the action–before one last furious segment drives the track home.

dBerrie proves his immense skill with “Zenith,” a rollicking house track with the energy and rhythm to fill any dance floor.  This is sure to be a highlight release for the season.  Pick up your copy today.




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