The week is over, and we can finally take a breather from all the Ultra excitement. There were some really impressive sets this year, which was very suiting for the 15th anniversary. I’m sure some of you are finally getting your brains back to normal after some intense partying the past two weeks, so a good progressive track’s in order. This week we’re bringing the Tiesto remix of Jes‘s Imagination. Vocal tracks are becoming more and more popular throughout EDM, but Jes has a perfect soothing voice that can’t be replicated. Her borderline whispering vocals are a perfect fit to accompany Tiesto‘s trancy ambient tones. Although there are still plenty of artists with this style, I’d love to hear Tiesto drop some new singles in this fashion to get a rise out of the world. It’s a Good Friday indeed, so let’s follow it up with a great weekend.