Recently exploding onto the Trance scene with the massively produced rework of Neelix‘s Leave Me Alone, Simon Patterson has set the bar high and has no intention of stopping his conquest. With Leave Me Alone, Patterson has seemingly created a new genre of Tech Trance that is all his own and is has been the ‘must have’ track to have. Following the immense success of his remix, Patterson has teamed up with another local Tech Trance legend named Jordan Suckley to create a behemoth of a collaboration with Vanilla. Recently flexing his Tech muscles with his incredibly successful remix to Jase Thirlwall‘s Gobstopper, his recent style has consisted of expertly produced drops with many technical effects sprinkled throughout his pieces. It was only natural that these two fast rising stars would join forces to create a track that exceeds expectations. Vanilla has everything you would expect from these two giants, including Psy Trance elements, borderline chaotic transitions, vastly different stylistic choices and so much more.


A common trait evident in all Psy Trance is the concept of a constant thumping bassline to derive all thoughts from the listeners head in order to freely introduce different textures to provide contrast and aural stimulation. This trait is prevalent in the beginning drop, but rather than create a Psy track on their own, both producers decide to utilize aesthetic Tech Trance sounds to give us something wildly unique and different. Fidget elements are introduced with the words ‘Streamlined‘, ‘Faded Away‘, acidic lines, white noise, ferocious drums and ripping synth lines. The track goes into a bouncy section with many unusual sounds and texture samples being manipulated with fascinating interpretations before heading back into the main section. The breakdown is completely different, almost as if it was a moving, melodic anthem coming towards the drop with sweeping strings and soft piano like synths.  However, the resulting ‘drop’ is unlike anything that we have heard before. Pulling out the big guns with high energy percussion, a whirlwind of sounds and effects are presented, including vocal cuts, reversed synths, and ripping, manic lines of power. The most interesting thing about Vanilla is the missing hits in which no beats are heard, presented in an erratic and chaotic fashion to bring absolute madness out of the dance floor.

Vanilla has received almost universal acclaim for its unique identity and high production value, being supported by Armin van Buuren, James Dymond, Aly & Fila, Mark Sherry and even played live at the ASOT Expedition Tour in Lebanon by none other than John O’Callaghan. Vanilla is a peak time track that can be utilized as a monkey wrench to your set, causing an explosion of energy to seemingly appear out of nowhere. Patterson and Suckley are quickly becoming true innovators in their own unique sounds and are joining the ranks of other who never follow the standard template like Mat Zo or Eric Prydz. Their brand of Fidget-esque Tech Trance is a breath of fresh air in today’s increasingly stagnant musical times and the quality of each of their tracks shows with their meticulous and painstaking effort in the studio. With many Tech Trance DJ’s adventuring into Techno and Psy Trance these days, it seems like these two make a powerhouse of a team and are leading the charge in developing new and fantastic music for listeners everywhere. Simon Patterson & Jordan Suckley‘s Vanilla is out now on Reset Recordings on Beatport, so head over there and snag this fantastic piece of music today.


Keep the music alive. -Q