As a special thank you for reaching  100,000 followers on Twitter, Funkagenda has released a cool, unreleased track entitled Paragon. He embraces the ideologies of his own label, Funk Farm, as Paragon is a deep, dark and technically precise track that will have feet moving and bodies grooving. Starting out submerged in atmospheric airspace and low frequencies, a clean synth give a technical spin of things. Almost a cross between Deep House, Progressive, Melodic Tech House and high energy melodies, this hodge podge of sounds blends seamlessly into a musical journey between styles. The main hook is nice and dark, with many synths creating the expansive sound. The drop combines both technical aspects with the bubbling bass kicks and infectious hi-hats to cool and confident melodies with the main synths providing backdrop. The track is sly and effortless and is perfect for dropping late night into a set. Head on down below to grab your free copy of Funkagenda‘s Paragon today.