The Frederik, aka Frederik Olufsen, continues to carve his own path through the vast world of electro house with his authentic, gritty sound.  Following up on the success of his Heavy Crownage EP (which we reviewed), his newest entry is the four-track release: the 56K EP.   This release continues The Frederik’s signature dark electro style, putting a refreshing twist on the genre and solidifying his place as one of the true modern-day electro masterminds.


The first track, 56K, is a perfect lead-off and is the most floor-friendly track on the album.  A deep, distorted bassline drives the groove while a high-end lead and glitch effects add to the feel.  The breakdowns really shine, when The Frederik uses some haunting synth chords and a pulsating lead to create a massive soundscape, building up to the final drop.  56K is one of the highlight tracks of the EP.

The Frederik – 56K



The second track, Nowhere Everywhere, is another solid electro entry.  The track has an explosive opening, with a thunderous bassline, vocal sample, and a furious lead shining through every few beats.  The energy only continues through the track as The Frederik builds a towering progression with a mighty feel.  He even switches up the rhythm to give the arrangement some variety.

The Frederik – Nowhere Everywhere



The third track, with the unique title “I’ve Got No Dream, I’m All Dead Inside,” provides a much heavier groove courtesy of a massive sub bass that serves as the backbone of the track.  Thick clap hits and auxiliary synths add to the atmosphere.  In true The Frederik fashion, the producer splits the heavy main groove up with some melodic breakdowns–filtered synths and piercing leads paint a dark picture before descending once again into absolute madness.  The bassline really makes the song, cutting a thunderous groove through the track and driving the entire arrangement.

The Frederik – I’ve Got No Dream, I’m All Dead Inside



The final track is Scorpion, a fitting tribute to the legendary “Mortal Kombat” character.  Another deep bassline drives the track as some crunchy leads give the arrangement a distorted feel.  The synth work in this track is extraordinary, as the heavy bass hits in tandem with the short vocal sample, while the overarching leads make their presence known at the end of the phrase.  The synth arrangement really shines in the breakdowns, as The Frederik creates a darkly-melodic soundscape.

The Frederik – Scorpion



The Frederik has yet again created an exciting and refreshing release that gives the electro house genre a much-needed breath of fresh air.  His infectious blend of heavy grooves with dark, moody arrangements has solidified his place as one of the next great electro stars.  Pick up your copy of the 56K EP today.



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