It all started with his jazz-infused house sensation, “Hustles Revenge”, the song that bolstered Joeski’s career, featuring the sexiest saxophone playing you’ll ever hear. Now, nearly 11 years later, who better than house great’s Prok & Fitch, and Mendo to dust off this classic with two exclusive remixes featured on the great Toolroom Records. This remix EP, “Hustles Revenge, Remixes Pt. 1” showcases two exceptional takes on the original, delivering a fine blend of groovy, deep bass rhythms with the power of Latin house.

Prok & Fitch kick it off with an energetic feel, keeping the jazz vibes pumping to the suave sax riff. The intensity builds as the song progresses until it drops into a frenzy, making it impossible for any listener not to dance. Mendo follows with a more reserved approach whose genius composition makes this remix irresistible. The smooth, deep house vibe flows for around 7 and a half minutes, only to leave you wanting more. House fan or not, this is definitely worth a buy, so get your copy here!