There must be something in the water in Russia these days, because some undeniable Russian talents have achieved worldwide acclaim over the past few years.  Hard Rock Sofa, Swanky Tunes, and Arty are examples of some of the very best to emerge from the Russian EDM scene.  Now, making their own mark on the house scene are AstroFox and Lakoz, St. Petersburg natives who have crafted an incredible release: the Batman EP.  Released off of I LIKE THAT! [Wormland Music], this newest rendition of the duo’s hard-edged, progressive/electro sound is an absolute treat.


The first track, Batman, is a rip-roaring progressive anthem.  The atmosphere here is one hundred percent big-room, with rhythmic percussion guiding the groove, and monumental synth work crafting a gigantic progression.  An incredibly unique vocal sample leads into the drop, where a furious bassline takes over.  Percussive hits add to the groove, and the hard-edged leads craft a massive soundscape.  The final breakdown ties all the melodic elements together, and these massive melodies allow the track go out on a high note.

AstroFox & Lakoz – Batman (Original Mix)



The second track, In The Sun, features the vocal talents of Alexandra Livshitz.  Astrofox & Lakoz build up a haunting progression with some atmospheric synth chords, before mixing in the vocals and adding their melody to the arrangement.  The main groove has a pounding feel, with deep bass hits and thick claps guiding the composition.  Rising leads take us into yet another melodic breakdown, and the final drop ushers in one more exciting segment before the close.

AstroFox & Lakoz feat. Alexandra Livshitz – In The Sun (Original Mix)



The Batman EP is a clear display of the talent these up-and-coming artists possess.  Blending progressive and electro house elements in with their massive sound, AstroFox & Lakoz are absolutely ones to watch in the future.  Pick up your copy of their new EP today.




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