New York-based producer and sound engineer AzR continues his melodic, progressive sound with this latest release.  Joining forces with fellow producer Escadia, AzR has crafted the big-room progressive banger “Lighthouse,” which comes to us courtesy of Tocadisco’s own Toca 45 Recordings.  AzR contributes his vocal talents to the arrangement, adding lyrics in with the melodic breakdowns.  But the main groove is where the track shines, when AzR & Escadia mix uniform bass hits in with rhythmic percussion and magnificent synth work.  Later, the track explodes into a melodic free-for-all as all elements are tied together.  The soundscape created by this track is equal parts forceful and majestic, making this one of the more unique releases of the season.

AzR & Escadia – Lighthouse (Original Mix)



AzR and Escadia are clearly on their way up, and “Lighthouse” proves their skill with creating big-room progressive melodies.  Pick up your copy today.




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