If you haven’t realized it by now I’ll make it loud and clear: Dyro is the next big thing. Don’t believe me? Ask Hardwell. His collaboration on Grid, with Bassjackers, has been nothing but fantastic, or should I say Daftastic? His newest track, Never Say Goodbye, with Hardwell was premiered at Ultra and got a massive response from attendees and viewers at home. If you were able to catch the Grid Tour, then maybe you’ve been lucky enough to hear these releases live and know the energy that comes with it. If there’s anyone who still doubts his talent, his newest release of Leprechauns and Unicorns will silence the non-believers. With some of the smoothest electro you’ll hear, Dyro crushes this track with one of my favorite current build-ups, followed by an unbelievable drop of energy and intensity. You can catch an extended preview on Dyro’s newest episode of Daftastic Radio, but since I don’t want you skipping through the greatness, you’ll have to listen to the whole thing to find out when he drops it. Enjoy the weekend everyone.