Prok & Fitch comes out swinging with yet another display of their groovy house mastery.  The veteran house duo from Brighton, UK always bring an infectious hook and undeniable energy to their tracks, and “Here Comes The Noise” is no exception.  This latest track, which comes to us off Stealth Records, is classic house at its finest.  A deep, looped bassline provides the backbone of the track, while horns and vocal samples add to the energetic feel.  Prok & Fitch use a melodic progression to mix things up in the breakdown, before bringing us back to one last groovy segment before the outro.

Here Comes The Noise is one of the most enjoyable house tracks to come along in quite some time.  Prok & Fitch prove they’ve still got the skills to move a dance floor, and this is one release that shouldn’t be missed.  Pick up your copy today.




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