Finally, after more than a year of waiting patiently, Eric Prydz has finally officially released two brand new singles from his more Techno alias of Cirez D. This is a highly significant release simply because Prydz rarely, if at all, releases under this name as much as he used to. His last release under this name was Mokba in July of 2011 and the timing now seems perfect for some expert Techno from Mr. Prydz. These two tracks were first played in a special performance at Ultra Music Festival, as Eric Prydz recently did an entire set under Cirez D, (a first in recent memory). And while Mokba was a little more clubbier than his usual fare, Eric plunges back into the Techno with his singles, Thunderstruck and Drums In The Deep.

Thunderstruck is no nonsense and no frills Techno, short and simple. As a liquid synth and rapid stick hits are heard, a low, ominous voice is barely noticed, which is a fantastic use of subtlety that is a trademark of Eric Prydz. The buildup is sweeping as the drop is short and concise, offering a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of feel. The subtle change of hi-hats gives musical analyzers something to look forward to as the massive buildups give the festival-goers something to dance to. An excellent dark release, it is a great weapon for any Techno artists to utilize during sets.



Drums In The Deep features clanging bell tones as a voice tells the listener about ‘Drums in the deep‘ from Gandalf of the Lord of the Rings fare. ‘Deep‘ is repeated as a filtered synth gives off a ‘whaow’ sound. The beat is the piece that fits all of these aspects together with low, uncut energy and the superb percussion that follows is one that has infectious deep groove behind it. Hard hitting synths and subtle changing of percussive synths are displayed everywhere in this piece and the intricacy (and intimacy) of Drums In The Deep is one to love for music enthusiasts of all kinds. Cirez D‘s Thunderstruck/Drums In The Deep Dual Single EP will be out soon on Mouseville Records on Beatport, so make sure you pick up these stellar Techno releases soon.