If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed we didn’t post a Flashback Friday track for the past few weeks. We’re looking to make it up to you guys this week and, with the release of their new album, a Daft Punk special is in order.  We’ll be taking you back to Daft Punk’s debut album, Homework, all the way through their work on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. You’ll notice different tracks and feels to songs from different albums, but their style remains consistent throughout it all, the Tron soundtrack being an exception since it was for the movie. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and watch the evolution unfold.



Teachers has an unbelievably funky beat with some playful vocal samples scattered throughout the track. It’s interesting to find out who Daft Punk considers to be musical “teachers” too. The talked about their musical influences in Remix Magazine Online back in 2001, specifically about Romanthony and Todd Edwards stating: “Their music had a big effect on us. The sound of their productions—the compression, the sound of the kick drum and Romanthony‘s voice, the emotion and soul—is part of how we sound today.” So remember kids, there’s other music outside of the electronic world, and that’s where your favorite artists are finding their inspiration.


DiscoveryOne More Time

One More Time brings disco house to a whole new level. Whenever this song gets dropped, all you see is ear-to-ear smiles and dance floors going insane. Romanthony’s soulful voice hit’s everyone in the heart and really makes you feel the need to celebrate life. “Music’s got me feelin’ so free” may be one of the most accurate lyrics ever spoken. Everyone knows that feeling when you’re completely lost in the music and nothing else matters; not what time it is, not what bills you have to pay, tests you have to take, nothing. This will be a classic for years and years to come.


Human After AllTechnologic  

In case you were wondering if they really were just two robots crushing the electronic scene, Human After All clears the air for us a little bit. They still may be cyborgs though and I’ve never heard of any further investigation into that, so I’m not ruling that one out of the question. The earliest official statement on the album from them was “we believe that Human After All speaks for itself.” Technologic is my favorite track on the album, even though it’s incredible hard for me to pick one. Great rhythms accompanied by technologic commands pumping consistently throughout the song. You can’t help but bob your head and get a great groove flowing through your veins.


Tron: Legacy – Rectifier

The Tron: Legacy soundtrack is an epic display of talent and blending genres. Daft Punk teamed up with Joseph Trapanese, who arranged and orchestrated the album, to create a futuristic electronic sound that couldn’t be replicated. The soundtrack has an 85-piece orchestra to produce the full effects because even Daft Punk knew they could not make a fitting sound track “with two synthesizers and a drum machine.” I included Rectifier because of the suspense that it has throughout the track. From the beginning, you have an uneasy feel of evil prevailing, personified by war battle-like horns and a powerful symphony. As a bonus, I also wanted to include The Glitch Mob’s remix of Derezzed so you all can get a feel for the “Reconfigured” soundtrack. All the track on that are great by the way, so I highly recommend listening if you haven’t already.


Random Access MemoriesGet Lucky

Which brings us to today. Daft Punk still sticking to their roots and making soulful, fun music; with that electronic twist of course. The album will be released this month so brush up on some classic Daft Punk in the mean time, and enjoy the weekend!