For our American readers, I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July and celebrated with lots of fireworks, grilling, and Sam Adams beverages. Although yesterday seemed like the party of the week, we’ll try to make this weekend even better, kicking things off with Act Like You Know. I’ll start by saying Nero is one of the coolest groups to see in a live setting. The last time I saw them they were using huge monitors but sticking with red, white, and black as solid base colors throughout the show. They really put you in a futuristic state of mind between their visuals, leather jackets, and electronic wobbling. Act Like You Know is a solid dub track from the duo with all the wobbles, growls, and sharp fades you need to get your dubstep fix for the day. The intro is the calm before the storm, followed by their dub breakdowns and generously added “act like you” vocal inserts. Hope you enjoy the track, and your weekend.