Recently, used Mat Zo and Arty’s track, Rebound, without their permission. In light of these events, we have decided to gather all the tracks that has supposedly taken without permission to create one master guide of thievery.

To start, there are a few tracks on his new album that are scarily similar to previously-produced electronic songs. It seems that used another Arty track without permission, this one is Kate and can be heard in Will’s track #thatPOWER featuring Justin Bieber:

Also‘s track Bang Bang off his new album sounds eerily similar to Epic and a Mike Candy’s remix:

Sandro Silva and Quintino at :45

Mike Candys at 3:10

Going back to 2011,‘s group, The Black Eyed Peas, released a track called The Time (Dirty Bit). Many fans of electronic music immediately compared the track to Deadmau5’s remix of Medina’s You & I.

Also back in 2011 when called himself Zuper Blahq, he released a song called Dance which people compare to Boys Noize’s Yeah:

More relevant is that even Daft Punk ran into issues with “Will.i.Steal” with the sample used in Around the World, however Daft Punk never let Will release the track. You can still compare the two down below.– I Got It From My Mama (Remix) and Daft Punk’s- Around The World


The thievery continues even into 2013 with Will’s collaboration track with Britney Spears, “Scream & Shout” with an immense likeness to Tulisa “Scream & Shout”, Magazine, The  Sun, has reported that, ”

Tulisa co-wrote the original, then called I Don’t Give A F***, with’s right-hand man JEAN BAPTISTE for her debut album, The Female Boss.Some copies of the album had even been created with the song on them until a battle with Will kicked off.When the BLACK EYED PEAS man heard the track he decided to take off sections written by Tulisa, re-record it and get Britney on board. And that’s how she ended up on it with the same accent as the N-Dubz singer.”


Scream & Shout

Something comes to mind when you see a particular artist that has gotten away with so many musical thefts; Why is it that these things can happen? Is it how said in his recent Associated Press interview that it’s “Not his fault” and “What does he know?”; Or is it part of a greater fault of the mainstream music industry where a multi-millionaire can do what he pleases because of his deep pockets?