First shown on the Anjunabeats Volume 10 Compilation CD, L.A. has been quite the impressive cut from Finnish producers Super8 & Tab. The Original offered cool, low cut Progressive Trance-esque basslines and euphoric pads/vocals to transition into a wonderfully orchestrated drop with heavenly synth lines and highly emotional melodic ideas. And now, we are finally treated to two highly impressive remixes from producers Juventa and BT. Offering completely different takes upon the Original, both artists fantastically take this melodic tune and rework it to incorporate their own styles to produce radically different results.


Super8 & Tab- L.A. (BT Remix)



BT is no stranger to the scene, as his productions have lasted the better part of 15 years. And it has been quite some time since he has been featured on an Anjunabeats release. After going through numerous stylistic changes, BT has decided to take things into a much harder direction than the Original. Featuring a beginning with some truly innovative synths and unbelievable production techniques, he brings in the breakdown with bell-synths and a cave-like atmosphere to envelop the listener. The drop comes much harder, fully embracing the Electro side of Trouse with ripping, peak-time synths and amazing technical skills to keep things fresh and unique. Supplementing this grittiness is some cool accompanying synths and a melodic, Progressive line that adds much variety to the track.


Super8 & Tab (Juventa Remix)



After 3 years of being absent on an Anjunabeats release, Dutch producer Juventa makes a triumphant return with a truly awe-inspiring remix to L.A. Juventa has been seeing some stylistic changes as of late, opting to go towards the more harder, rougher side of Trance with releases such as Metamorphose and his remix to Myon & Shane54 (& Aruna’s) Lights. However, we have seen through his release of Bitsmash that Juventa has the capacity to create some truly unique music that breaks the mold of standard Trance formulas. This remix is no different. Bringing some true crunch to the forefront, Juventa uses some great, granular synths, which clashes beautifully with Progressive vocals and subtle woodblocks. The breakdown brings back some of the older Juventa sound before dropping into phaser induced effects with a combination of rough meets Progressive synths. A remix that incredibly combines genres, it is an impressive work by Juventa.

Both are now available on Anjunabeats through Beatport, so make sure you pick up your copies today.


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