Once in a blue moon the EDM world is graced by a track so monumental in scope it literally scrambles the brain. Following along in the dignified path of the @@ Remix of LevelsJAKAZiD delivers a truly stunning rendition of Get Lucky  Get Clucky. Give it a listen and let the smooth raptor clucks waft into your earholes and directly fondle your brain’s Daft Punk receptors. 

In all seriousness though, I can’t tell if its the four mimosas I’ve had this morning or the straight genius of this track that makes me love it. We have a tendency in the EDM scene to take ourselves and artists too seriously, joke tracks like this help us keep perspective. Random Access Memories will be without a doubt the biggest release of the year but, JAKAZiD among the countless edits and remixes of Get Lucky reminds us that sometimes the hype reaches a level of absurdity that is borderline humorous. Go cluck yourself and listen to the track below.

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