First released in 1992 on R&S Records, Golden Girls‘s classic, Kinetic, has been a timeless staple throughout the early 90’s. And now, tech producers Prok & Fitch have made a bold new move with their newest release on their personal label, Floorplay. Aiming to revitalize this ageless tune, the producers have put together a stunning remix package to bring Kinetic to the modernĀ  sounds of today. Added to the list is none other than Jeremy Olander, who has been championing much of the Progressive scene lately with his fierce singles and his continued support by Eric Prydz. Olander has utilized the main hook of the original as the main melodic idea with his, updating both the percussion and injecting some deep personality into the track, while slowing up the tempo a bit to give that distinct Progressive feel. Olander does a fantastic job of respecting the qualities that made the original the smash it was back then while providing his own unique touch for use in clubs today. Jeremy Olander‘s remix of Golden Girl‘s Kinetic is now available on Floorplay Records, so head on over there and pick up this revamped classic today.