If you haven’t heard of Vyclone, the free-to-download app that’s quickly becoming the Vine of the EDM world, just better. By allowing users to create a free account on iOS, Android and Windows devices, Vyclone has set out to do something no one has ever done. Create the first ever fan generated Dance Music Video? Confused? Don’t be, as it’s quite simple to understand.

How it works:

With the ability to record one minute segments through the app on your device, Vyclone well then grab other one minute clips that were recording the same thing but from a different angle. What results is a movie-type video with multiple angles of the same event. You can even get your friends together, download the app, go to a local show and upload whatever you recorded and it’ll all be put together by Vyclone.

Now this is where it gets even more interesting. Well established House producer Arty, has teamed up with Vyclone to create something really unique. By reaching out to Arty’s fans and having them record their own segments Vyclone will attempt to create the first ever fan generated dance music video.

Here’s how you can be a part of this, sure to be amazing, event:

This will all take place during Arty’s set on Friday the 24th inside the Marquee Las Vegas.

1. Download Vyclone here http://vyclone.com/occasion/Arty

2. Create an account and start following @artyofficial

3. Start filming when you hear Together We Are! Why not turn the camera on yourself!

4. Upload the video. 

5. Then Vyclone will work it’s magic and piece everyone’s videos together to create an awesome collaborative video!

But don’t just wait until Friday, download the app now so that you can record local shows and concerts in your area with your friends!

Here’s a sample of how the app works:

Here’s a Jason Mraz concert filmed using Vyclone: