Everyone’s ‘favorite’ actress, heiress, and part time “DJ”, is rumored to be releasing some sort of house album, in the future, most likely, on Cash Money Records. What strikes me as odd is the apparent choice of record label, given that artists like Lil’ Wayne and Nick Minaj, are Cash Money regulars. However, this rumor is yet unconfirmed despite some believable evidence, such Paris‘s collaboration with Lil‘ Wayne on ‘Last Night‘. Despite this, Paris‘ management would not comment on the record label that would host such a travesty…

The somehow “celebrity’s” manager had this to say : “Paris Hilton is in talks with a number of record labels right now but we can’t confirm anything. When a deal is finalized we will make an official announcement.”

After Paris‘s absolutely horrible debut in Brazil, it’s disconcerting to hear that we will probably have to deal with releases from Hilton in the future. Honestly, I understand EDM has become increasingly commercialized  and I’m somewhat ok with that. But the idea that someone, who I strongly doubt could producer her way out of cardboard box is going to release her debut electronic album on a international label, makes my blood boil… I strongly doubt I’m alone on that one.