As a resident of Boulder, CO, it is safe to say that I have listened to Savoy for quite a few years. From their heavy bass to their unforgettable lasers, Savoy has safely secured their position at the forefront of EDM. Releasing heaps of their music for free, Savoy produce art for the sake of sharing which I can’t compliment enough. Their latest EP, ‘Three Against Nature’ released yesterday for free and I have to say after listening through the album I was pleasantly surprised. The EP, which features four original tracks, fuses genres such as funk, electro, disco and dubstep to create four records with a distinctive yet cohesive feel.

In my opinion, the standout tune of the release is hands down, ‘Say Yes’. Combining facets of funk and disco the track casually builds and drops into fury of driven electro synths. It’s safe to say, ‘Say Yes’ has been on repeat since its first play. “Three Against Nature”, once again showcases everything that sets Savoy apart from just your average electronic group. Their signature sound remains prevalent but their openness to experimentation can’t be overlooked. Stream the EP below and make sure to pick up you free copy as well! Enjoy.