UPDATE: We have a release date! More will be released on July 1st! Here is the official preview:

One of the most dominating duos of the Progressive House scene has been the relentless talents of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Their brand of complete chaos and punishing Big Room sounds have earned them much respect over the years and have been noted as the ‘unofficial’ headliners of Tomorrowland, (one of the biggest festivals in the world located in Belgium). Additionally, Laidback Luke has been destroying dance floors every direction that he takes. His incredible DJing skills, not to mention his recent collaboration with Hardwell on Dynamo showcases the enormous Dutch power that resides within his creative mind. Adding these three Progressive House behemoths together would be a recipe for disaster and complete pandemonium with whatever their imaginations could create. After years of speculation, it seems as though there is finally an inevitable collaboration between the two. And the result is nothing short of spectacular. Their collaboration, More, pushes the term Big Room out the window and into the realm of something along the lines of ‘Festival-Oriented’ with the insanity that unfolds. Ed Note: Since audio of this collaboration is scarce at the moment, this was the best quality audio that we could discover.



Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have been steering towards unusual melodic leads, such as their Classical lead in their single, Phat Brahms. This time, they head towards the Middle Eastern-esque philosophy of music theory with a trumpet filled melody with an incredibly catchy hook. Supplemented with this is unusual percussive choices, such as voices of ‘Hey!’ hi-hat hits and rolling drums. Then, they start twisting the melody with gritty, yet incredible pitch bending coinciding along with the main melody. The drop is where things are taken on an entirely different league than anything else. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Laidback Luke pull out all of the bells and whistles for their drop which can only be described as monstrous. The drop consists of staggering bass kicks and a single tone synth that strong-arms its expansiveness through the crowd without so much as a warning. Some interesting aspects include the ‘Hey!’ vocal sample, perfect white noise implementation, stops on beat 3 and rising tones on beat 4. It’s simplicity is its greatest strength as the lack of musical complexity allows the brute force of the hits to completely overwhelm any audience.

At this present moment, we do not have a release date on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Laidback Luke‘s collaboration of More, but remember to keep it locked to Your EDM for any news on release dates.