The accomplished Brazilian duo Felguk are turning up the heat in anticipation for their latest  upcoming EP, recently releasing what  can only describe as a ‘mini-EP’. Don’t let its short length fool you, Blaze It Up, is a more than worthy offering with solid diversity.

The two-track release features the dubby-reggae influenced title track, Blaze It Up, and the Latin infleunced electro banger Monka. Both tracks have their own signature flair that adds together to make an overall exciting release. Blaze It Up starts out with a smooth dub/reggae intro overlapped by irie vocals of Mr. Shammi, before building out of left field and dropping into a vowel driven bassline. The drop is fairly typical Felguk but the uncharacteristic intro and bridge are what gives this song charm and coming from Boulder, Colorado, I can definitely get behind the song’s message.

Monka, is a great example of Felguk‘s ability to Electro-fy their Latin American influences, while also using plenty of danceable Reggaeton percussion elements. The drop itself is percussive and has a definite rhythmic flair to it. Monka doesn’t rely on the same rhythm throughout and is heavily syncopated in areas making the entire track fun and fresh. Overall, Blaze It Up is a solid lead into Felguk‘s upcoming releases and will definitely give fans something to hold them over until the official release of their EP. Check out the tracks below!

Felguk ft. Mr Shammi – Blaze It Up (Original Mix)


Felguk – Monka (Original Mix)

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