This past weekend the inaugural EDC Chicago took place, and it seemed to be a massive success. However, reports have surfaced that there were over 500 calls to the nearby 911 center complaining about EDC Chicago. “I don’t know if we had an explosion in town that you’d have 500 calls,” said Joliet Mayor, Tim Baldermann. Luckily, city officials were quite sympathetic with Electric Daisy Carnival and Insomniac. One city manager from Joliet who also attended the festival Saturday night said:

The genre of music is loud…It’s electric dance music that is nonstop. The deejays keep the music going. It’s high volume. People dance the night away…It was a peaceful and fun-loving crowd.

It seems that even with the noise complaints EDC Chicago will be more than welcome to return in 2013. A release from the City of Joliet stated:

…(If) an encore is in the future, then city officials will work with the promoter in developing a plan to address the noise issue.

All’s well that ends well!


Sun Times