Progressive House producer Eric Prydz has been largely responsible for initiating an entire subgenre within the EDM sphere. Prydz is known for his signature Progressive House sound and his ‘organic’ sets that are a staple to the Pryda brand. Throughout this journey, Prydz has discovered numerous artists who try to emulate his musical ideas, such as Fehrplay, Jeremy Olander and Andre Soboa. However, there seems to be another artist that has entered into the fold. Enter Phil Lancaster. Hailing from Switzerland, Lancaster has put forth a couple of very impressive releases that truly emulate the iconic Pryda genre. Even though he is a small time producer, he has showcased incredible potential with his sound. With some careful releases and instruction over the next couple of years, he could turn into a powerhouse all on his own. His new release entitled Reptile is no exception to his deep, mature sound. Incredibly detailed and carefully orchestrated, Reptile is full of interesting turns and unusual timbres.



Reptile starts off with a variety of sounds entering the ear, such as enticing Progressive synths, pumping percussion and cascading string lines. When the beat cuts out, it truly captures the Pryda sound. It is evident that he has extensively studied this mysterious Progressive House sound. As the beat pulls back in, he introduces a fat, chunky bassline that cheekily provides contrast against the elegant accompaniment. Lancaster masterfully layers in more and more voices to the main melody, creating a complex web of diverse sound colors. A moving, emotional melodic line intercedes an old school vocal timbre as the returning Progressive synth line adds body and character to the piece. An amazing aspect to Reptile is how the entire sound of the track completely changes by just adding a simple bass kick. By utilizing that kick without changing any other parameters of the piece, it creates a drive that is both laid back but loaded with energy at the same time. Phil Lancaster‘s Reptile is now available on Sensession Records on Beatport, so head on down there to pick up this great release.