In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Martin Solveig talked about the collaboration he is working on with Krewella. When asked details about the new tune, Martin stated:

We have a song that we put together; it’s actually just been finished. Here’s a VIBE exclusive, it’s called “Like We’re Lovers”. There’s a good pitch to the song. It’s also a little bit ironic, because with me it always must be a little bit ironic – I’m probably more like Krewella’s dad than lover for sure – but working with these two girls is incredible because their mentalities are perfect, and they are very talented. They’re up for experimenting, they’re spontaneous and they have a great vocal delivery.”

An interesting pairing as the two different sounds from each respective artist will surely result in a note worthy collaboration. With Travis Barker also working with Krewella on an upcoming track, this summer should be a big one for the quick-to-rise power trio! check out the full interview with Martin Solveig (HERE)