The Kaleidoscope Music Festival, tucked away in the state of Oregon, will be making huge waves this festival season. Instead of hosting your typical 3-day music festival, Kaleidoscope will feature much more then just musical performances. Providing the best of Oregon’s Local foods, wines, guided hikes, and even yoga sessions, the Kaleidoscope Music Festival is working to create a one of a kind experience that extends beyond just the music.

But don’t worry, the music will be just as good. Featuring music that expands beyond just EDM, Kaleidoscope will play host to Some of the best bands and deejays from the Pacific Northwest as well as top talent from around the world. With general admission tickets priced at $147.99, Kaleidoscope is a well priced festival that is smack dab in the middle of the beautiful greenery of the pacific northwest. Make sure to check out the Line up below and don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience!

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KMF Phase 2 Announcement


Make sure to grab your tickets (HERE)