Bad news for Daft Punk this week, sales for the duo’s latest Random Access Memories are down 73%. The album, which was hyped as and poised to be the biggest release in EDM and perhaps music in general, has all but fallen flat on its face. The charts below say it all…

daft-punk-week-two-album-sales-your-edm daft-punk-week-two-album-sales-your-edm


It’s clear that Random Access Memories has failed to achieve it’s predicted potential and will likely be remembered as a serious flop. With weak sales, mostly consisting of iTunes downloads, (even though the album is available to be streamed via Spotify) it seems that this story ends not with a bang but with a “meh”.



Sales counted by Nielsen Soundscan, and shared with Digital Music News by major label executive sourcesResearch and graphics by Paul Resnikoff at Digital Music News.