Yesterday Apple had their annual WWDC (or World Wide Developers Conference) which is aimed at introducing new software, and some hardware. One of those announcements was iTunes Radio. iTunes as I’m sure you all know, is one of the most popular ways to hold and sync music for your Apple devices not to mention one of the most¬†immense¬†libraries for music ever created.

Now why am I talking about Apple and iTunes Radio? Well for one, I love Apple and most of their products, and two, the impact that this is going to have on EDM and music in general can be potentially huge. At this moment we know that iTunes Radio will stream music to your device (or desktop/laptop) that would only include music from the iTunes library (which is constantly expanding).

Since the rise of EDM, iTunes has been adding more and more content in the Electronic Music and Dance categories feeding the musical hunger of EDM lovers world wide and now with iTunes Radio you’ll be able to fully stream those songs plus tracks you might not even have heard of. Despite how great this software is, one of the few drawbacks is that regardless of it’s growth, Electronic Music simply isn’t big enough on iTunes to be considered a worthy opponent for Beatport.

Beatport has¬†consistently been #1 for Electronic Music and it’s listeners since it’s creation and has added great features like genre search, BPM’s and even letting you choose the format you download your tracks(mp3, FLAC, AAC,). While I’m sure it has yet to reach it’s highest potential Beatport hasn’t ceased to let up it’s pressure as one of the most extensive and exclusive libraries for Electronic Music.

While iTunes Radio is going to be a great and wonderful product I can’t help but think, Could you imagine if Beatport released a radio streaming service?

iTunes Radio will be released this fall and it’s sure to create some ripples in the EDM community as users will be able to stream tracks so far back as Phuture’s 1987 release of Acid Tracks up to Zedd’s record breaking Clarity album! If there was ever a time to be a fan of Electronic Music, this is it, and it only goes up from here.

Here’s hoping that Apple continues this trend in adding more and more Electronic Music to it’s ‘arsenal’ and gives it’s users what they really want, with their own spin on it of course.

Thanks for reading!