Axwell’s official video for Center of the Universe was released today from Ultra Records. The first character we see wakes up on a random roof top one morning with a puzzled look on his face (we’ve all been there). Then he suddenly gets some type of subconscious intuition that, somewhere, Axwell is about to kill it at a club and thinks to himself “Where’s the party?” This guy seems pretty dedicated to getting to the club because he’s completely un-phased that there’s a ghost playing the piano at whoever’s house he’s in. So he leaves Casper there playing chords while he begins his pursuit of laser beams and heavy beats. He finds Steve Aoki’s brother under a disco ball in the middle of the street so, naturally, they team up to head to the rave. One more bewildered girl stumbling around the city obviously hasn’t partied enough yet because she hops in for a ride to catch the end of the show too. At the end of their four minute journey, they finally arrive to the club only to realize they’re too late. You can log on to to follow the beat to try to win tickets for “the most epic party of the summer by Carlsberg featuring Axwell.” If that’s not enough to log on then I’m not sure what is.