Ahead of the next edition debut in the Club Life compilation series, Tiesto is releasing his latest production with newcomer MoTi. Set to be one of the last tracks on Vol. 3: Stockholm, “Back To The Acid” is just that- a nod to the long gone days of acid house. This track has the big, festival-friendly style everyone has been clamoring for, with its fat multi-octave synth work and a solid kick to boot. “Back To The Acid” will certainly leave dance floors exhausted this summer.

This being said, the initial drop left me confused as to where the acid was. I was expecting the unmistakably one-of-a-kind squelching 303 bass synthesizer sound, like what acid house has been historically. Acid house fusions are still being done today, like the Spinnin’ released Danny Howard track “Apex,” so I was frustrated that Tiesto and MoTi defied this convention. The lead is moved up to a higher note halfway through, which fortunately does do justice to its “Back To The Acid” title. This collaboration by Tiesto and MoTi is available now on Musical Freedom.