A major international hit track by the famous duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, “Wakanda” has been one of the most played in electro house for the past couple months. Now in June, the tribal track has received a remix package that spans three wholly different genres. First up is the Oh Snap remix, adding the syncopated snare trap touch. It may just be the typical trap remake we hear in a countless number of unofficial bootlegs, but the second drop rearranges the original “Wakanda” hook into something great. The only real complaint with Oh Snap‘s work is the length, the song is just barely over three minutes, much to any DJs chagrin.

Wolfpack is an up-and-coming artist that keeps getting recognition from Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, like his remix of Phat Brahms he did for the duo not too long ago. This remix changes “Wakanda” into progressive house and the only real similarity to the original is the vocals. The song itself sounds good, but it is what you come to expect from progressive, doing nothing to stick out from the pack (pun not intended). Those who swear by progressive house will like it for sure, but I am not expecting this one to make any real waves.

Finally is the angriest of the three, Zatox turns “Wakanda” into a hardstyle monster with even more energy than the original. Kicking the BPM up to 150 on this one, Zatox adds some hectic leads on the first drop. This part is nothing short of aural calamity and gives a good impression of what hardstyle crossovers are supposed to be like. The second drop is a return to the original, but when it builds back up to the third- all bets are off. The final drop wowed me, with its screamingly high synth tearing through the top end of the mix. Without a doubt, the Zatox remix is what to play for DJs looking to run their crowds ragged and worn. Kudos to Zatox for such a good show on his hardstyle version of “Wakanda.” The entire remix package is now available on Beatport for purchase.

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/wakanda-the-remixes/1106821