Maurizio Colella, or EDX as we know him, has teamed up with young artist Leventina for the vocal progressive-meets-dark electro track “The Sun.” Leventina was made famous from progressive track “Champagne Nights” which is almost exactly a year old now, with its one electro drop that made the song a hit. On the other hand, EDX has a hugely successful and diverse discography behind him. From his “Angel on My Shoulder” remix in 2008 up to more recent efforts like “Miami Device,” how “The Sun” was going to sound could’ve been anything.

This song is full of surprises, like the introductory bars having a tech edge to them. Going the first breakdown I had no idea what to expect as to where this song would turn. It then builds up into a progressive synth that certainly sounds characteristic to Leventina with a few vocoded lyrics sung over top. The drop takes all the work laid out during the build up and swaps it for a hard hitting dark electro lead and bass. While this “Atom“-like style has been done time and time again now, it sounds different enough to not knock the choice. The second drop is much like the first, except it has an eight bar solo of the dark lead prior to dropping into its rhythm. “The Sun” might not be the most creative song out there, but it definitely takes a bigger step out of the box than nearly any other one of these “Atom” knock-offs. EDX and Leventina‘s collaboration “The Sun” is out now on Beatport.