In the span of only 6 months, up and comer MilamDo has been decimating the competition with the advent of his furious Tech Trance tunes and glorious, harmonic Uplifters. This producer has exploded onto the scene as of late, garnering the attention of esteemed artists as Simon Patterson, Aly & Fila, John Askew and Manuel Le Saux, among many more influential musicians. MilamDo comes from the hearty breed of Trance producers from the Middle East, with their unique and intricate approach to making tracks that creates magic in every single endeavor they work on. And he is no different. His own sound is filled with vast power and dominant drive, only rivaled by producers such as Photographer, (who arguably had the best Uplifting track of 2012 with his iconic Airport). And now, MilamDo has been coasting through the Beatport charts with a slew of massive releases. His newest remix is a track from the recent collaboration between Damian Wasse and legend Manuel Le Saux entitled Around Heaven. With full command over every aspect of this remix and generating boundless energy, MilamDo goes above and beyond to truly represent the vast possibilities of Uplifting Trance today.



Booming bass kicks, tight percussion and voluminous basslines start the beginning of Around Heaven. He is able to squeeze out every last bit of expansiveness throughout the powerhouse combo without the sound becoming too excessive and red lining, (while keeping the entire project unbelievably clean). Subtleties, such as flitting acidic lines, faint drums and melodic interludes intertwine with the main basslines and while the production hints at a certain minimalistic standpoint, the sheer, unwritten atmosphere more than makes up for its commandeering control. The breakdown is bold and adventurous, featuring flowing pads, beautiful vocals, accompanying flute and an interesting insertion of fluttering song birds to give an otherwise textbook breakdown a unique identity. As the main melody starts to flesh out from liquid synth blocks, it gains the support of an electrifying bassline and thumping percussion, gathering power throughout the process. The proceeding drop again keeps things at the bare bones minimum with a simplistic, melodic line, instead letting the immensity and intensity of the track overflow towards its infinite energies, bringing forth a fantastic display of optimization towards his sound and orchestration as a whole.

MilamDo‘s remix to Damian Wasse & Manuel Le Saux‘s single Around Heaven will be available tomorrow on D.Max Recordings on Beatport, so head on over tomorrow to pick up this awesome release.


Keep the music alive. -Q