This past weekend, Skrillex had the chance to host an Essential Mix for BBC Radio One (which can still be heard here) and needless to say it was very different from what someone would expect from Skrillex. Of course he played the usual hits, from his remix of Birdy Nam Nam’s Goin’ In to some hits from his collaboration with Boys Noize (Dog Blood), however this time around he managed to include some tracks and edits from the deeper side of Electronic Music. One of those was Blawan’s Techno hit, Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage. Whether or not it was either an edit or an clear cut remix is yet to be factually seen, mostly due to it not being similar to Skrillex’s signature sound, the fact remains that it’s a pretty sweet track. Despite the colliding fanboys (from both Skrillex and Blawan’s fans) if this is any sign or hint towards Skrillex’s new sound, then color me interested, perhaps as user lentejTV9 commented on Youtube: “Well, that’s what happens when you chill with Boys Noize for [too] long.. this has Boys Noize all over it… not a bad thing [though]”

Again, you can catch the replay of Skrillex’s Essential Mix here, and listen to the track mentioned down below. Have fun!