Within the last few months, Trance producer Adam Ellis has seemingly been accomplishing the impossible and making huge steps throughout his production career. After many years of learning the basics from the ground up and after many lessons through trial and error, he has finally garnered the skills to not only play with the big boys, but to also break expectations in the most explosive way imaginable. With his breakout remix to Planet Perfecto‘s all time classic, Bullet In The Gun, he is being universally praised by some of the biggest artists in the industry, including Bryan Kearney, John O’Callaghan and Indecent Noise. While flexing his growing Tech Trance muscles on his most recent releases, there is a more melodic side to his other works, as his shining melodies and chord structures bring forth a wonderful array of sounds and musical ideas. Teaming up with local producer Pete UniQue, they have embarked to remix the all time classic tune, Sun Is Coming Out by Ayla. Recently supported by Aly & Fila on their FSOE Radio Show, it is a powerfully euphoric tune that really shows the more emotional side of both of these multifaceted artists.



Starting out with a bang, both Ellis and UniQue bring out pounding bass kicks and a fierce bassline to instill a certain prominence throughout the track. Not one to shy away from power, they implement flitting acidic lines and Techno hi-hats to the fray, proving that they aren’t afraid to mix both Tech Trance and Uplifting genres to a wildly unique facet of musicality. Humorously, the phrase, ‘you may experience flashbacks‘ is heard, a clever homage to Astrix‘s remix to Easy Riders & Symbolic‘s single, Flashback. The breakdown features a beautiful vocal intertwining between flowing strings, fleeting melodic lines and subtle piano hits before heading into a melodious guitar synth amidst striking chord changes. Full power then cascades into a stunning jubilation with powerfully emotional chords and Uplifting melodies as the piano just strikes all of the right spaces of the track. As the build up gets injected with more acid, the energy rises to a powerful, yet heartfelt melody that rings hope and balance towards the entire tune. A beautiful melody and luminous accompaniment seamlessly connect to form an awe-inspiring moment in musical clarity and the intricate subtleties, such as piano and vocals, really makes this piece shine above the rest.

Adam Ellis & Pete UniQue‘s remix to Ayla‘s classic, Sun Is Coming Out is not yet available for purchase, but it will become a free download once Adam Ellis reaches 5,000 fans on his official Facebook page. Head on over to his page and help support this rising Trance artist and soon, this remix could be yours.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/adamellisuk


Keep the music alive. -Q