At the end of April, DallasK dropped a track called “Aliens” on Kindergarten. Now a few months later and we are graced with two remixes that take the DallasK original to new heights. First up is the Botnek remix, and it’s easy to hear the duo’s signature stylings on this one. Being easy to explain the Botnek style however, is another story. The drop takes it down a dark turn, as it rolls along with its squelching sounds and bubbly effects. This one will fit in nicely alongside other dark electro tracks.

The other remix in this package is from NYMZ. The BPM shoots up to 140 for this remix, with NYMZ delivering some trap beats. This one will certainly get some play in sets from the premiere trap DJ’s, the drop’s lead is too wild to pass up. Fitting for this remix to drop at the end of June, it has a sound that is unquestionably summer in tonality.

The “Alienz” remix package is available now on Beatport.