NOTE: Unfortunately, at this time the offer to receive the album for free has expired.

Milkman’s new album, Machines and Dreams Part 1, has taken off at an enormous rate. The album has already climbed to #4 on the iTunes dance chart. Amazingly, Machines and Dreams Part 1 is able to encompass many different sounds, everything from hard electro to commercial house.

“I have always said from the very beginning…I never wanted to be one to be restrained by a certain genre. People ¬†have always asked me ‘what is your genre?’ and I have always said, there really isn’t a Milkman genre. I enjoy all types of music. I equally enjoy everything from classical music to rock to hard electro to pop. So when I am sitting in my studio I don’t want to be confined to just one genre.”

He also manages to fit in different sounds into his sets. “I have been playing a handful of these tracks live for almost a year now. One track I always play live is Get Weird. It really pumps me up. When you go to a show or a festival that is really what it comes down to; lets just have a good time, let it all go, just be weird. Recently, I have been working in Origins, it is just epic. Sometimes I start my set with Origins depending on the vibe of the crowd. The only bass in that song is the kick drum. That is because when you play it at a festival, when you play it through big speakers, that kick drum just blows you back, its all you feel. I also use the My Friends vocals a lot. SYPO I use a lot. Xenon is just groovy and funky so I will drop that one. I have used all of the tracks and they all work at different times.”

Machines and Dreams part 1 is just the beginning for Milkman. In around 3 months he will release a new album with 6-10 tracks on it.

Milkman has made his track Our World available for free download, exclusively at Your EDM. Also, Milkman is giving away 100 copies of Machines and Dreams Part 1 to the first 100 people that register below. Keep in mind you must have an iTunes account to receive the album.