The Israeli duo Infected Mushroom has teamed up with the bass monsters known as Pegboard Nerds for a collaboration aptly titled “Nerds on Mushrooms.” This track, which has a bit of a Middle Eastern vibe to it, seamlessly blends Infected Mushroom‘s patented psy-trance buildups with the funky, gut-wrenching basslines that have made Pegboard Nerds a household name within the Bass Music scene over the past year. I really enjoyed the change of pace that came after the first dubstep section, which featured subtle piano chords layered underneath a heavily distorted bassline, which is reminiscent of a guitar riff that someone like Slash would rattle off without a second thought. “Friends on Mushrooms, Vol. 2,” which also features a collaboration with Savant, drops on Dim Mak Records on July 16th and trust me, you do not want to miss this epic release.