Just roughly a month ago Zedd‘s Clarity” reached Gold status, selling over 500,000 copies, and today, Zedd took to his Twitter, to announce some extraordinary news. That “Clarity” has now hit Platinum status in the US, which means records sales for “Clarity” have doubled and it is looking at 1,000,000 copies sold!


Zedd is an all around talented musician, putting his huge success with “Clarity” on the back burner, Zedd has plans to score for a major motion picture and some interest with working with Lady Gaga. You can’t pinpoint where Zedd is going to end up, in what facet he will call home, but he is destined for recognition and a long career in music composition.

Just one more record sales award to go Zedd! See you when it hits Diamond, 10,000,000 copies!